About Us


modbod is a national essential clothing line, manufactured in the U.S.A. For over five years we have provided quality layering pieces to women all over the United States. We believe every stylish woman should have our layering essentials to support their wardrobe. We worked hard to design styles that stand alone with a great pair of denim, or look smooth and flattering under a business jacket (and everything in between). Dedicated to being the leading company in basics for women, we offer a multitude of colors and styles for our customers to choose from. Every woman deserves to live her best life with sophistication and ease - that’s our motto.


There are a lot of things to love about the direction Owner, Designer Amanda Loveland is taking modbod, and it’s not simply a fashion statement. Everything from the new logo, upcoming designs, and the company’s slogan, “Live True. Be You.” embodies Amanda’s emerging presence in the world: a powerful business owner, single mother, daring designer, and “real” woman who likes to come home from work, throw on sweats, fuzzy socks, and veg-out with the kids and a plate of her famously delicious Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. Yes, it’s possible for successful women to show all of their many sides to the world, and Amanda Loveland is not afraid to do it. To her, authenticity is true beauty.

Shifting from an extremely conservative company, to a clothing line dedicated to celebrating women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and occupations, the company’s message is not about conforming to the “ideal woman,” it’s about providing a space for women to break free from the constraints of society and be who and what they truly are.

Modbod is changing everything from their logo, their advertising, and who they are as a company, a process Amanda calls “simplicity at its finest.” In this next year their product will be available in more boutiques and higher-end retail stores around the country and possibly Europe. And the shift is timely.

As the company continues to emerge as a major player in the fashion industry, it’s the simplicity of their message and style that stand-out. modbod is dedicated to giving women essential staples they can fall in love with, and as far as Amanda is concerned, while they’re busy falling in love with their clothes they might as well fall in love with themselves too.

Perhaps Amanda’s own words sums the company up best: “No matter what you look like, what your shape is, or where you are from, we are all women. We have a unique quality to us that is divine and we need to embrace who we truly are OUTSIDE of what everyone tells us we should look like. Divine beauty comes from within and we are all beautiful. We just need to allow that beauty to come forth. We need to be fearless.”

Live true. Be you.

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