A collection for every mood


We know that as women we feel many moods. Some more pleasurable than others. Regardless of your mood, you want to feel supported each day. Did you ever realize that you turn to your clothing to do just that?
At Amanda Joy & Co we are a woman-owned and ran company. We get that each day you have a choice when you get dressed as to what you put on your body. By recognizing the power that your clothes can have to enhance your day you can make more conscious choices. That is why we trademarked the phrase, Fashion Alchemy! Taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary.

Our SENSUAL COLLECTION Designed to make you feel more feminine, more sensual and truly embrace the woman you are. Own your beauty, your sensuality and feel it radiate inside of you.
Read the affirmations inside and use the carnelian crystal we gave you as our gift to assist you in your journey.

Our FREE SPIRIT COLLECTION is designed to encourage play, laughter, and joy. Our lives are meant to be truly lived and enjoyed! Feel free in our collection, in your own skin and find more opportunities to play! Feel supported in finding
more joy by reading your affirmation and using our crystal gift of Adventurine.

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