Meet Amanda

Amanda Loveland

I have owned Modbod for seven years, and I’m the CEO but I also do operations and marketing and creativity plays a huge role in my life. I paint, I play the piano, I love being outdoors, you know what my passion is? Actually, my real passion is connecting with people and if there is something that I can do to help encourage or uplift their life then that really is my passion. I am known for my chocolate chip cookies and my 13-year-old son now knows how to bake them. One of the most influential people for me has been my dad. I was a daddy’s girl and I say ‘was’ because he passed away, it will be 11 years this month and people stood for hours to pay their respects and I remember thinking, “Gosh he touched so many people lives because he was so genuine and really authentic”. And I thought I want to do that. I want to reconnect with people and have my life matter. My life is crazy and it’s not perfect, it’s a beautiful mess. I love what I do on all aspects and really enjoy connecting, being a mom, being a businesswoman, being whatever leader that I can be, I love what I do.

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