We all could use a little reminder as to how to have more self love!

At Amanda Joy & Co we strongly believe that having self-love is a critical part of being happy and healthy. We believe that when we love ourselves we are kinder to others and because we are less judgmental towards ourselves we will be less judgmental of others. We believe in this so much that we have a #selflovemovement to help women to learn new skills, to see themselves in a brighter more beautiful light. We are all unique and it’s our imperfections that make us perfect.

Self love

We are passionate about helping women to have more self-love.
One of the ways we do this through clothing is with our AFFIRMATIONS on the inside of each piece. Each morning when you put on your Amanda Joy & Co. clothing you are invited to read your affirmation and have an intention to hold that affirmation with you that day. Our hope is that you feel the love and support that goes into everything we create with you in mind.

You are Loved & Supported!

I am beautiful. I breathe in love. I breathe out love
I love myself, exactly how I am

Join our #selflovemovement and make a commitment to yourself to cultivate
more self-love over
the next 21 days!

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Want to join us in taking our #selflovechallenge and be a part of our #selflovemovement! Great! Start right now by tagging us in a social post using @amandajoyco and that you are starting your #selflovechallenge. Once you do this, we will contact you and give you our free workbook to having more self-love and you can be a part of our #selflovemovement group!

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