Amour - 10ml

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Amour Perfume Blend

Blended to capture the multifaceted feelings experienced from love. Each oil has been carefully selected from the source where it can be the most pure and potent, allowing them to carry optimal impact.

The Amanda Joy & Co. Perfume Blends were created to provide you with more than just a pleasant scent to wear throughout the day. Essential oils have energetic properties that can support your life, if you choose to allow them. We believe they are Mother Nature’s gift to us. These Blends can be powerful, plus they also smell uniquely amazing! How you use them is always up to you. To accept their energy, breath them in and invite their properties into your life. Enjoy Mother Nature’s love!


Balancing, Soothing, & Cleansing


Grounding & Breakthrough

Palo Santo

Transcending & Connecting


Letting Go & Joy


Elevating & Restorative

Lavender, Palo Santo, and Bergamot are organic. Jasmine is untreated. Cedarwood is wildcrafted. Blend also contains jojoba oil, which is organic, expeller pressed and unrefined. Non GMO, COSMOS certified Vitamin E is used as a preservative.


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